63° 26’27” N 010° 24’ 36” E

RIMSHIP AS is located in Trondheim, in central Norway. The company was founded in 1992, as a ship broking company with its main focus on the North European trade areas and the Baltic. The company's main focus today is dry cargo chartering for our vessels trading in North European trade. The majority of the company's transportation contracts are for the movement of raw materials such as grain, fishmeal, soymeal and corngluten meal for the agri- and aquaculture industries. In the spot market our vessels are trading materials like split, limestone, dolomite and general cargo.

RIMSHIP AS is today exclusively handling chartering for several bulk cargo vessels sized 2000 - 5600 dwcc. All these vessels are fitted with excavator for self loading and self discharging operations.


A vessel sailing by Munkholmen in the Trondheimsfjord.